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CAODETEX S.A. successfully supplies markets as diverse as the automotive, graphic, oil & gas, mining, vehicular gas and naval industries, among others, offering quality and safety in compliance and service.

Our history


Based in Argentina and Brazil, Caodetex S.A. is an industrial company founded in 1991 to meet the needs of international markets wich required technology and top-quality in the
manufacture of rubber-coated fabrics and their by-products.
The great technological Development and reliability achieved have allowed Caodetex S.A.
to successfully supply markets as varied as the automotive, graphic, oil, mining, natural
gas for vehicles, gas meters manufacturers and naval industries, delivering quality,
compliance and service.

The fully integrated policy in production processes implemented upon the opening of our
Textile Plant helped Caodetex S.A. have full control over our production from the
purchase of yarn, fabric weave, rubber compound preparation, and rubber-coating all the
way to the moulding of diaphragms and special pieces.
The success attained through the application of this industrial integration policy resulted
in the perfect “Price/Quality and Supply” ratio for our customers and our undisputed
leadership in Latin America (MERCOSUR) as well as the opportunity to expand to other
markets, such as Europe and the East.

Driven by our strong business expansion, Caodetex S.A. decided to open our first
industrial plant outside Argentina -Caodetex do Brasil-, based in Sorocaba, a major
industrial area near Sao Paulo -the largest consumer center in South America. The
satisfaction and recognition achieved in such a short time encourage projects to settle
down new plants in other countries where customers need products as fast as the current
business scenario dictates.

In summary, Caodetex S.A. is a high tech industry of industries, with vast experience in
rubber-coated fabrics. Be assured that we Will timely deliver top quality products
anywhere in the world, or address a new Development always endorsed by the
international trademark KDX-Caodetex®.

Rubber plant

CAODETEX S.A. features a rubber mixing and dissolution plant, with latest-generation
roller-and-agitator open mixers, especially designed by our technicians for such purpose.

They are fitted with automatic time, temperature, and viscosity electronic controls which
provide for full rubber solution smoothness.

Our Spreading Machines, manufactured based on the same criteria, are equipped with a continuous simultaneous double-side rubber-coating system and permanent thickness,
speed and temperature electronic controls.

Fabric rubber-coating process:

Prior to rubber-coating, it consists in immersing fabrics in a rubber and special adhesive
(isoscyanate) solution to fully penetrate in the fiber composition and favor the fabric-
rubber adhesion.

Spreading System:
Application of the rubber solution on the previously treated (priming) fabric, in thin,
successive and calibrated layers. (Suitable for thickness ranging from 0.16 to 1.20 mm,
with a 0.04 mm tolerance.)

Calendering System:
Rubber compound lamination and application on the previously treated (priming) fabric
with only one layer per side. (Suitable for thickness ranging from 1.4 to 3.00 mm, with a
0.40 mm tolerance.)

Textile plant

CAODETEX S.A. has a modern textile plant with computer- assisted warping and weaving
This enables them to design and produce their own technical fabrics, which are the basis
of all their manufacturing process, giving them not only important benefits in cost
reduction and secure supply, but also allows them, mainly, to carry out the strictest
control of the process from the most primary stage, thus ensuring the guaranteed quality
of KDX-CAODETEX products.

Raw materials

CAODETEX S.A. uses only top-quality raw materials from carefully assessed suppliers in our
processes. Upon reception, our laboratory controls and verifies compliance with material specifications – an essential requirement for use.

Our Rubber Plant develops and manufactures compounds under the effective standards and chemical and physical specifications required by our customers. For such purpose, we use materials such as: NBR (Nitrile), CR (Polychloroprene), FKM (Fluoreslastomers), ECO
(Epichlorohydryn), MVPQ (Silicone), EPDM, Natural Rubber (NR), Chlorosulphonate, etc.

Our Textile Plant processes cotton, polyester, nylon, fiberglass yarn, among others, with
different toughness, and based on other required properties.

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