CAODETEX S.A. successfully supplies markets as diverse as the automotive, graphic, oil & gas, mining, vehicular gas and naval industries, among others, offering quality and safety in compliance and service.

own manufacturing

Caodetex has a fully integrated process for their products manufacturing. In its textile plant it weaves polyester, nylon and cotton fabrics that are rubber coated in its rubber plant, and finally molds each piece according to its particular demand and technical requirement.

Caodetex uses national and imported raw materials of recognized quality through carefully selected suppliers. Each stage of the process has controls and traceability that ensure the physical and chemical characteristics of the finished products according to the requirements and performance of the standards and tests that must be complied with in their field of application.  





Gas meters

Our diaphragms for gas meters are used by well-known local and international manufacturers of domestic and industrial gas meters. In turn, Caodetex is constantly developing and expanding its market share by participating in international tenders. We supply customers in Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, China and France among others.

With meters installed in the field for more than 25 years in different countries, we can affirm that the manufacturing technology of our diaphragms is synonymous of reliability.

Diaphragms for gas meters are approved by our clients under national (IRAM 2717) and international (EN 1359 1998 & A1 2006) standards. Tests have even been carried out in international clients’ own laboratories, approving chemical, thermomechanical, metrological tests, life at maximum flow for 5,000 hours, and stocking, among others.

Our diaphragms far exceed 2 million cycles in Bally flexometer tests and the compound used is suitable for operating temperatures between -25°C and 55°C.

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